Persian Silver (gray) Travertine Stone (block,slab,tile)
April 28, 2019
Red Onyx (colorful) marble Stone (block, slab, tile)
April 28, 2019
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Persian Green Onyx (dastjerd) Stone

Azarshahr Green Onyx

The only main green onyx stone quarry is located in Azarshahr, East Azarbaijan, and its exploitation license is in possession of Sangab Azarshahr company

Selection of dimension, type of order, type of polish and delivery time is up to you

Split face

Green onyx split face type with 2cm of thickness and 8 cm width

Tile & Cut- to- size

In dimensions of 40cm and 60 cm in longitude, plus cut- to- size dimensions with complete polish, honed, without polish and etc


1st an 2end degree slab, along with any kind of polishing method such as without polish, honed, complete polish and etc.

Block of green onyx

Delivering in all kinds of degree such as super- privileged, for export privileged and domestic asap

Applications of Green Onyx

Green onyx stone due to its special contexture, has ability to pass the light through and make an astonishing luster. Green onyx is a famous stone witch is being used in religious sites most often.

Addition to that, due to its unique feature of transparency toward the light can be applied in surfaces where this property can be used dramatically for adorning fireplace surrounds, small islands, walls, and countertops. In places like bathroom or stairs, it can be iconic.
The quarry of green onyx is located in Azarshahr, acounty in East Azarbaijan/ Iran
In this area, there are other travertine and onyx quarries as well and the exploitations license of these quarries are in possessions of Sangab-Azarshahr company.
For getting more information about the stone and the prices, please contact us: +982122012526

Technical information of Azarshahr Green Onyx

Although Persian Green onyx is the most famous in this area, there are other attractive types of onyx to be used in various part of the buildings as well; such as honey onyx, pink onyx, multicolor onyx, blue onyx and etc.

First of all, I am going to talk about our fine green onyx:

The green is the principal color of the onyx, which is using in Iran for ages. the most used place of this stone is in holly shrines.

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This post is also available in: faفارسی (Persian)

This post is also available in: faفارسی (Persian)