Walnut (wooden) Travertine Stone (block, slab, tile)
April 28, 2019
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Persian Red Travertine (sorraya) Stone

Azarshahr Red Travertine Stone

The only main Red travertine stone quarry which is known as Sorayya in the world, is located in Azarshahr (East Azarbaijan/ Iran) and its operating license is belong to sazco-stone company.

Selection of dimension, type of order, type of polish and delivery time is up to you

Split face

Red travertine split face type with 2cm of thickness and 8 cm width to split face type with4cm of thickness and 15 cm width

Tile & Cut- to- size

In dimensions of 40cm and 60 cm in longitude, plus cut- to- size dimensions with complete polish, honed, without polish and etc


1st and 2end degree slab, along with any kind of polishing method such as without polish, honed, complete polish and etc.


Delivering in all kinds of degree such as super- excellent, for export privileged and domestic asap

Applications of Red Travertine stone

The experience of us and our ancestors proved us that there are no limits when it comes to the usage of travertine stone. Travertine because of its exclusive contexture is a very good insulator of heat, chill and noise. Beside that, the porous texture of travertine cause a more light weight than other types of stone that make the final weight of the structure lighter.
Additional to that, because of the porous in the surface of the travertine stone increases the adhesion of these stones to the building mortar.

مشخصات فنی سنگ تراورتن قرمز آذرشهر

برای دانلود مشخصات دقیق محصولتا سنگ شرکت سنگاب آدرشهر ایمیل خود را وارد کنید. فایل بلافاصله برای شما ایمیل خواهد شد:

فرم سفارش یا درخواست قیمت سنگ تراورتن قرمز آذرشهر



This post is also available in: faفارسی

This post is also available in: faفارسی